How to clean your oven

Oven cleaning is the nightmare of every household. Usually an evacuation is needed, because of the chemical used to clean god-knows-what left inside of the oven. And because it is always closed and we don’t look often inside we create a problem difficult to address.

Cleaning oven shelves

Prepare a solution with 250 g. of Soda with hot water and submerge the shelves in it for an hour.

You could use a ball made of aluminium kitchen foil to scrub the leftovers of the shelves.  If you can fit the shelves in the dishwasher. Allow them to dry before putting them back on in the oven.

We recommend Oven Pride as your oven cleaner. It will help you where more heavy action is needed and will make your oven shine. Please make sure you follow the instructions and remember it can NOT be used on a stainless-steel oven or AGAs. Use of gloves is a must and also make sure you have ventilation in the room.

Oven door

Use metal spatula or ceramic hob scraper to remove any big chunks of food. After is the oven cleaner’s turn.

The home-made recipe for cleaning the glass is paste, made of soda bicarbonate and water. Rub the paste on to the glass and wait for 20 min. Wipe off with a damp cloth.


We can give you few tips for cleaner oven:

  • Use aluminium foil or oven liners on the bottom
  • Buy roasting bags
  • Remove grease right after cooking. Of course, let the oven cool down enough
  • Find an oven cleaning service