How to clean Limescale and Rust Stains from a toilet?

The brown stains and limescale at the bottom of the toilet bowl comes from hard water, containing minerals including iron and manganese compounds. They are most responsible for the brown stains.

WitchClean team has an efficient way to solve this issue. Now we will share with you, how easily you can remove stains even without expensive and professional cleaning materials.

Take off the water from toilet bowl using big bath sponge. Apply generous amount of the White Vinegar and 2-3 tbs of baking soda leave it for 30 min to work.

Backing Sodawhite vinegar

domestosUsing gloves apply a 1/3 of Thick Bleach (Domestos is preferred) and leave it to work in another 15 min.

and simply brush it with a toilet brush. Here we go! All stains and limescale disappeared and your toilet look clean and disinfected as never before!!!

If you find this helpful you can share your easy toilet limescale remover with you friends! And if you need professional cleaner we are prepared to make you an offer which will beat all the rest of the End of tenancy cleaning prices in London  .

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