Leave Your Dust To Us


Cleaning the kitchen is a quarter of the job. Your kitchen is most likely to be the most used room, not to mention the most heavily exposed to various germs and dirt.

Wash and polish all worktops, countertops and the sink area
Clean inside cupboards, drawers and shelving
Wash and polish sinks and shine taps
Remove accumulated limescale
De-grease and polish wall tiles
Remove mold growth between grout
Clean and de-grease ovens internally and externally
Clean grime from extractors and hobs
Scrub gas rings and gas control knobs
Clean microwaves inside and out
Clean out the fridge/freezer
Clean the washing machine inside and out
Clean the dishwasher inside and out
Clean exterior of all appliances
Sanitize the bins
Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
Clean inside of windows and wipe down sills, ledges and frames
Wipe dirt from woodwork (doors, handles, doorframes, furnishings and skirting boards)
Wipe down radiators if applicable and accessible
Remove dust from plugs and light switches
Vacuum, mop and polish floors


The lounge is generally some of the biggest areas you’ll have to deal with, but they should be easy enough to get clean. Again, dusting, vacuuming, and polishing will be the main tasks to tackle here.

Get rid of all cobwebs
Clean and polish tables
Clean and polish mirrors
Remove dust from picture frames
Clean and polish internal windows. Wipe down sills and ledges
Wipe down doors, including the tops
Clean skirting boards and remove dust from any other woodwork
Clean light switches and fittings, lampshades, plugs, sockets,
Clean all cupboards and furnishings, including insides
Wipe down radiators
Clean behind and under furniture
Dust and polish all surfaces
Vacuum all upholstery, ensuring cushions are lifted and cleaned below
Vacuum carpets / vacuum and mop hard floors


The best way to take care of dust and dirt is to wipe rooms from top to bottom.

Remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners
Dust reachable surfaces – wardrobes, shelving and cupboards
Wipe accumulated dust and dirt from doors
Wipe accumulated dust from picture frames
Wipe and polish mirrors, pictures and other wall hangings
Wipe off dust from skirting boards and decorations
Dust off all light fittings and lampshades
Clean and polish metal ornaments
Wipe and polish switches
Carefully clean power sockets and extension cords
Thoroughly vacuum all mattresses
Hoovering the floor and carpets
Mop hard floors and laminate


Dirt and mildew are most visible and least tolerable in bathrooms. Toilets, showers, tiles and baths should be cleaned and polished to the shiny condition.

Clean basins, taps and fittings
Remove hard water stains
Remove limescale if present
Scrub and rinse soap dispensers
Wipe and polish radiators and towel rails
Scrub and rinse toilet and bidet
Clean plumbing behind toilet if reachable