Easily remove blood stains and red wine stains from upholstery and carpet!!!

Wine dropsIf you drop small amounts of red wine or blood onto an upholster and you think it is not possible to remove them and they will stay forever, don’t stress you self we will teach you how to remove them and bring your sofa or carpet to its original good-looking.

Take a spray bottle with Natural Spring COLD water (using hot or room temperature water will make the stains constants). Wet stained place very well, use a glycerine free soap bar until surfaces become completely white from the soap foam, then scrub for 3 minutes with soft body brush. Wipe with damp, clean Microfibre Cloth. You will be surprised. Upholstery will look brand new and free of stains! Share your blood and red wine stains removal experience with your friends!

If you didn’t manage to clean it yourself, you can trust this task to us. We are professionals and we will make your place spotless. We can also beat any end of tenancy cleaning price in London. Just give us a call.

soap spring water

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