Declutter you home – make it shine again

Many people like to think “there is Order in the Chaos”. I believe regular decluttering is one of the most important steps. If you let all the stuff to pile you will have bigger job after. If you start with just 5 min. at regular scheduled intervals you will see for yourself the big different it would make.

But let’s assume you’ve let yourself gather a lot of stuff you don’t need and you’ve never thought about after the initial acquisitions. We will help you with few small steps to start decluttering your space.

  1. Make space for the incoming papers. Most of us are misplacing incoming bills, letters, magazines everywhere in the hose – on the counter, on the sofa, kitchen table, bedrooms, etc. Try to designate a spot from all this. Collecting everything in one place will help you find everything you are looking for every time and will help with decluttering. It is a good idea to thins about different folders where you can file different categories of incoming paper.
  2. Schedule a decluttering weekend. The 5 min rule we’ve mentioned in the beginning is very good, but still few times per year you will have to spend a weekend going through and sorting stuff for charity, recycle, rubbish, neighbors, etc. And don’t be selfish. Make sure you involve all you family in the task.

  3. Pick few items which you use frequently, but you seem to leave everywhere and find them permanent places. This way they won’t be placed randomly every time, feeding the “Chaos” and you will always know where they are located when you need them. You can use this process to teach your kids where each thing belongs, which will create a sense of order in them. Creating such habits in your family members will greatly declutter your household in a long run.

  4. Spend time to go through your closet and pick up clothes you haven’t worn for few months (or may be years). If they are seasonal put them in boxes. But if they are not, get rid of them. Bring them to charity. Aim to leave in your closet only clothes you actually wear. And when you finish with your closet, start with your drawers. Same procedure.

  5. The medicine cabinet is not the first place you’d consider when starting to declutter, but just one look inside will convince you otherwise. And if you don’t have a medicine cabinet and bottles with pills could be found everywhere in your home, maybe it’s time to consider one. If you have bandages, which doesn’t look clean enough or you cream which you came to be allergic to is till there get rid of it.